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CreditCard Optimisation Ltd are pleased to announce a unique collaboration with the International Air Transport Association - a joint offering of the IATA CreditCard Optimisation Service. The Service combines the skill and expertise of both CreditCard Optimisation Ltd and IATA. CreditCard Optimisation Ltd, led by Paul Peachey, have been Re-Negotiating Airline Merchant Discount rates for the past 15 years. CreditCard Optimisation Ltd have achieved savings of over $30,000,000 to date for our Airline Clients.

Through our partnership with IATA, we aim to bring cost effective reduction in Merchant Discount rates across the board, creating substantial savings and delivering real financial and service benefits. Our proprietary methods and innovative strategies enable us to work optimally with our Airline Clients to ensure longevity of Re-Negotiated agreements and future handling.

The IATA CreditCard Optimisation Service enables us to uncover information effectively – our experience ensures we get more and give less during negotiations for our Clients, retaining control over desired outcomes. We have strong relationships with Global Acquirers and are recognised subject matter experts.

Contact us today for a no-obligation quote, to find out what we could save your Airline. We charge no hefty consulting fees and are only paid a modest commission once savings have been achieved.


COPS has saved it's clients over $30,000,000

"COPS are Multi-Acquiring Specialists - Acquiring the best rates, terms and conditions for all types of E-Commerce clients. Contact us today if you are interested in achieving lower Merchant Discount Rates."


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Proprietary software developed to reduce unit costs - Coptimiser™

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• Are your business costs through various payment systems rising annually?

• Is the balance working against you?


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